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2010 Volume 14.1

Editorial comment

Urban landscapes as ensembles


The urban structural unit: towards a descriptive framework to support urban analysis and planning
P. Osmond   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 2MB]

Plot longevity and urban land tenure: a Norwegian case study
G.A. Ersland   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 5MB]

The study of urban form in Turkey
A.S. Kubat   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 0.2MB]

Review article: Palladio’s children ... and Vitruvius’s grandchildren?
I. Samuels   [Full paper, PDF, 0.1MB]


The elusive common denominator in understanding urban form M.P. Conzen

The form-making process and architectural type N. Marzot

A new lens to illuminate and elucidate urban form? I. Morley

A traditional English street village in America A. Krim

[Viewpoints, PDF]


Représenter la ville: international colloquium, Bordeaux, 2009 T.R. Slater

Sixteenth International Seminar on Urban Form, Guangzhou, 2009 D. O’Connell

ISUF business meetings, Guangzhou, 2009 S.M. Whitehand

[Reports, PDF]

Book reviews

V. Del Rio and W. Siembieda (eds) (2009) Contemporary urbanism in Brazil: beyond Brasilia S. de A. Pereira Costa

J. Monclús (2009) International exhibitions and urbanism: the Zaragoza Expo 2008 project C. Bellet

T. Hall (2007) Turning a town around: a proactive approach to urban design R. Fischler

M. Tang and D. Yang (2008) Urban paleontology: evolution of urban forms O. Çalişkan

C.P. Graves Jr (2008) The genealogy of cities M.P. Conzen

[Book reviews, PDF]

Book notes

[Book notes, PDF]

Notes and notices

- Historic urban landscapes

- Sustainable cities?

- ISUF 2011: Urban morphology and the post-carbon city

- Election to the Council of ISUF

- Seventeenth International Seminar on Urban Form

- Meeting of the Council of ISUF

- Fourteenth International Planning History Society Conference

- Space is luxury

- Revisiting New towns of the Middle Ages

- Annual Meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

- Forthcoming articles in Urban Morphology