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2017 Volume 21.2

Editorial comment

How we view cities: a green-space enigma?


Morphological processes and the making of residential forms: morphogenetic types in Turkish cities
T. Ünlü and Y. Baş   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 6MB ]

Urban coherence: a morphological definition
O. Çalişkan and B. Mashhoodi   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 7MB ]

Florence: the geometry of urban form
G. Cataldi   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 22MB ]

Street networks and street- blocks in the city centre of Tripoli
A. M. Remali and S. Porta   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 5MB ]


Publishing an urban morphological classic C. Monteiro

Recent developments in the Caniggian School N. Marzot

[Viewpoints, PDF ]


Historic Urban Landscape Forum, London, UK, 21–22 March 2017 G. Palaiologo

Historical cities and contemporary design: Third ISUF Italia Conference, Rome, Italy, 23–24 February 2017 P. Carlotti

Report on the Serbian Network of Urban Morphology A. Niković

Report on the Polish Network of Urban Morphology A. A. Kantarek

[Reports, PDF ]

Book reviews

T. Hall (2016) The robust city M. Barke

C. Crosas (ed) (2015) Metropolis Barcelona. Catalogue Vol. 1 – El urbanismo metropolitano hoy / Metropolitan Urban Planning today; Catalogue Vol. 2 – Transformaciones metropolitanas / Metropolitan transformations; Atlas - Cartografías contemporâneas / Contemporary maps J. R. Santos

R. H. Leech (2014) The town house in medieval and early modern Bristol T. Scrase

T. Bergevoet and M. van Tuijl (2016) The flexible city: sustainable solutions for a Europe in transition R. Boudjadja

H. Ohno (2016) Fibercity: a vision for cities in the age of shrinkage J. S. Leite

[Book reviews, PDF ]

Book notes

[Book notes, PDF ]

Notes and notices

- Cutting into the substance of urban form

- First Regional Conference of the Cyprus Network of Urban Morphology

- ISUF 2018: Urban form and social context

- Conference on the Sustainability and Resilience of Cities

- Urban Design International

- Revista de Morfologia Urbana

- Eighteenth International Planning History Society Conference

- First International Conference on Urban Growth and the Circular Economy

- UrbanNous

- Journal of Space Syntax

- Eco-Architecture 2018