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2021 Volume 25.2


A new complementary model for integrating historico-geographical and configurational approaches: the case of Famagusta
M. Allahmoradi and N. Z. Cömert   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 13MB ]

Applications of morphological regionalization in urban conservation: the case of Bulaq Abulela, Cairo
A. AlSadaty   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 6MB ]

‘Listening’ to urban form characteristics in transit-oriented developments (TODs)
Y. Yildirim, D. J. Allen and A. Albright   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 6MB ]

The impact of regulations on the typo-morphological transformation of residential buildings in Tehran
A. M. Milani   {+}Abstract   [Full paper, PDF, 5MB ]

Obituary: J. W. R. Whitehand (1938–2021)
P. J. Larkham, V. Oliveira and K. Gu   [PDF, 3MB ]


Inhabiting the Italian historical city after COVID G. Strappa

Alnwick: conservation or transformation? C. Monteiro

Diffusion of urban morphological ideas J. W. R. Whitehand

An integrated spatial strategy for the inner fringe belt as an operational entity W. Song

An Early Neolithic street plan at Sha’ar Hagoklan, Israel A. Krim

[Viewpoints, PDF ]


ISUF Council meeting 2021 P. J. Larkham

Some thoughts on ISUF 2021 S. Porta

U+D study day I. Samuels

Fourth ISUF–H Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 28–30 September 2020 I. Ezquerra

[Reports, PDF ]

Book reviews

Matteo Ieva (2018) Architettura come lingua. Processo e progetto (Architecture as language. Process and design) F. Purini

G. Haidvogl, F. Hauer, S. Hohensinner, E. Raith, M. Schmid, C. Sonnlechner, C. Spitzbart-Glasl and V. Winiwarter (2019) Wasser Stadt Wien. Eine Umweltgeschichte A. Wandl and B. Hausleitner

Robert N. Lane and Nina Rappaport (eds) (2020) The design of urban manufacturing S. Griffiths

Han Meyer, MaartenJan Hoekstra and John Westrik (2020) Urbanism – fundamentals and prospects A. Abarkan

[Book reviews, PDF ]

Book notes

[Book notes, PDF ]

Notes and notices

- ISUF 2022: Urban Redevelopment and Revitalization: A multidisciplinary perspective

- Remembering Jeremy Whitehand

- Pandemics and urban form: first blended conference